Guiding Statements

Our organization is guided by our vision, mission, and core values.


GASPA will be recognized, respected and trusted as the premier partner and leadership association of human resource professionals in Georgia.



The mission of the Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators is to lead the way in providing best practice human capital management services for Georgia’s K-12 public schools.


Core Values

    • Student-Centeredness:  GASPA believes that students are the primary constituents of all school districts and that all decisions and actions must be driven by a commitment to the assurance of student success.
    • Connections & Relationships:  GASPA believes that relationships are critical to any successful venture and the cornerstone of the work performed by human resource professionals. GASPA advances collaboration, effective communication, and trustworthiness as integral components of all partnerships, alliances and work arrangements of the organization and members.
    • Integrity, Trust, Honesty, & Fairness:  GASPA interacts with other professionals and members with integrity, honesty and in a climate of trust. Decisions and recommendations will be made based on consideration of the best information available and without bias. GASPA members will strive to interact in a professional manner that reflects favorably on the organization and is consistent with the organization’s core values.
    • Accountability:  GASPA will celebrate successes and embrace opportunities for growth. Members will be encouraged to promote creativity, collaboration, innovation and a commitment to the ongoing development of talent within the organization and individual school districts.
    • Confidentiality:  GASPA and individual members honor confidentiality requirements and will not disclose information to persons other than those who have a legitimate need-to-know unless bound to do so subject to appropriate legal mandates
    • Quality & Professionalism:  GASPA is committed to providing professional, high quality, relevant advisement and support to member districts and employees.
    • Learning & Knowledge:  GASPA provides and promotes opportunities for continuous learning to human resource practitioners, school district and higher education leaders, state agency officials and other parties with an interest in the K-12 education sector.
    • Value for Members:  GASPA recognizes that its members are the core of the Association and accordingly, strives to develop and communicate its membership value proposition.
    • Enjoyment:  GASPA acknowledges the importance of a positive quality of work life and seeks to ensure that work environments are supportive, engaging and productive.



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