(Fall 2017 - Fall 2021)

Leading the Way in School Personnel Human Capital Management


and Networking

Impact K-12
and Beyond


GASPA 5-Year Strategic Plan

Leading the Way in School Personnel Human Capital Management

(Fall 2017 – Fall 2021)

Goal 1: Professional Learning

Provide quality professional learning opportunities focused on all elements of human capital and presented in multiple formats to ensure the most comprehensive, accessible, and effective learning opportunities.

This includes collaborating with other groups and organizations to present professional workshops and other learning opportunities.


  • Support RESAs and Regional Directors
  • Conduct Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Continue to pursue HR Certification for Georgia HR Professionals
  • Facilitate the repository on the website
  • Create web-based training opportunities
  • Access partners and affiliates to secure resources


Goal 2: Communication and Networking

Create a platform to utilize the most viable and effective methods to facilitate individual and collective communication, enabling members and potential members to easily navigate and access information, ask questions, and create additional opportunities for collaboration.

This includes upgrading functionality of website for professional use.


  • Establish a Web Master Committee
  • Develop a Website that is self-managed and designed
  • Develop a GASPA Facebook Page
  • Develop an E-mail User Group List that Members Use Directly
  • Setup Regional Pages
  • Host Online Meetings
  • Develop an action plan to recruit and sustain membership
  • Create additional membership categories


Goal 3: Impact K-12 and Beyond

Continue to build a positive professional presence that broadens awareness, increases the scope of our influence, perpetuates the values and ideals of GASPA and increases our influence on matters related to human capital development.

This includes a focus on legislative influence and advocacy as well as service and outreach.


  • Continue Legislative Activities
  • Liaison with Promising Teaching Pathway Programs in High Schools
  • Connect with Educators Rising
  • Create HR Student Memberships
  • Partner with Professional Organizations who Focus on Active Programs that support teacher recruitment and retention
  • Continue to be an influential, visible, and credible voice in local, and state policy, as it impacts human resources in public education
  • Influence Legislative actions as endorsed by GASPA


Goal 4: Organizational Performance

Actively reflect on, monitor, and enhance current and previous objectives for intended outcomes and results.

This includes ensuring that GASPA goals and objectives are implemented with consideration of state requirements, as well as, industry standards.


  • Create a leadership succession plan that ensures the stability and sustainability of the association
  • Develop and implement a viable short-and long-term fiscal plan that supports the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.
    • Build a balanced budget annually that addresses proposed revenues and expenditures adequately addresses the mission of the association and the strategic plan, and ensures the financial stability of the association.
  • Add Areas for Recognition for Members
  • Establish Committees
    • Program Committee- to support the work of the Executive Director and Past President by actively seeking out topics, presenters, events, etc.to ensure productive conferences
    • Professional Learning Committee- to continually research best practices in human resources; remain abreast of relevant issues and topics, assess the interests and needs of the membership; provide input to the Program Committee relative to identified professional learning interests and needs of the membership; provide guidance and facilitate development of workshops and webinars for presentations at state/regional meetings and conferences.
    • Legislative Committee-assist the Legislative Liaison with the development of annual legislative priorities and attending and participating in meetings of study commissions, state agencies (DOE, PSC, etc.)
    • Membership Committee- assist the Executive Director in designing and implementing a new member orientation program, including but not limited to the continuous review and updating of orientation materials; monitoring assignment of new human resource personnel around the state on an ongoing basis; designing a regional representative model and soliciting volunteers to serve as regional representatives; notifying all members of their regional representatives; soliciting mentors for new members; assigning regional reps and mentors and providing outreach to new members
    • Nomination Committee- work with the designated member of the Executive Board to create a leadership succession plan; seeking prospects for future leadership roles in the association; annually present a slate of officers to the membership at the spring conference for the succeeding year
    • Recognitions and Awards Committee-support the work of the Executive Director in designing and maintaining a recognition and awards program for the association, which may include but is not limited to the Best in Class Award, Human Capital Award, Regional Director Recognition Program, GASPA Personnel Administrator of the Year, AASPA Personnel Administrator of the Year retiree recognition and outgoing officer recognition. Establish Nomination Processes, Selection Criteria, and Metrics for Awards
    • Budget Committee-support the work of the Treasurer by securing feedback from the membership as to the programmatic needs of the membership and by providing input into the development of an annual budget

Process and Timeline

October 2016

Established officers who will serve on committee and committee composition from membership/Regional Directors

The President recommended and the Board agreed to the following Selections for the Strategic Planning Committee

7 Committee Members

Executive Directors- Vince Richardson, Wilma Widmer
President- Sherri Freeman
President Elect-Paige Busbee
3 Member Representatives-Gary Jenkins, Irma Townsend, and Kathy Tessin
Past President-Macy Defnall

November 2016 Conference

Reviewed current strategic plan
Presented and discussed frameworks for Strategic Plans
Began revisions including Goal Areas for Consideration
*Goal Areas for Consideration- community service and outreach, member engagement, and technology (increasing our presence, increasing the intuitive nature of our website and interactivity

November 2016-December 2016 (After Conference)

President compiles feedback and sends to the committee for review (via Google Doc)

January 2017

Sent Strategic Planning Committee draft copy of the survey
Strategic Planning members provided feedback regarding survey
Notified members and nonmembers of the survey and sent a link
Survey Completed by members and nonmembers

February 2017

Convened meeting of Strategic Plan Committee and completed SWOT Analysis based on Survey

March 2017

Called a meeting of the Executive Board to present a draft of Strategic Plan and receive feedback

May 2017

Final Draft of the Strategic Plan presented at Executive Board meeting

GASPA Vision

GASPA will be recognized, respected and trusted as the premier partner and leadership association of human resource professionals in Georgia.

GASPA Mission Statement

The mission of the Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators is to lead the way in providing best practice human capital management services for Georgia’s K-12 public schools.

History of GASPA

The first planning session for the organization of a state-wide personnel association in Georgia took place in 1966 during a meeting in Atlanta of the Georgia Education Association, which later became the Georgia Association of Educators. A group of personnel administrators in attendance at the conference determined that organizing into an affiliate group would provide the opportunity during the GAE conferences for school personnel administrators to share information and find solutions to common problems.

Although no longer an affiliate of GAE, this collaboration of personnel administrators have extended in scope and influence to the present day organization, the Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators (GASPA). Currently, GASPA provides training for personnel administrators and other educational leaders in the state. It has become a viable state organization having an influence on state laws, regulations and agencies.

As an affiliate of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) and most recently in 2012 becoming an affiliate of the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL), GASPA has earned national recognition; and its members have had the opportunity to participate in the development of personnel policies and procedures of national significance.

GASPA Core Values


GASPA believes that students are the primary constituents of all school districts and that all decisions and actions must be driven by a commitment to the assurance of student success.


GASPA believes that relationships are critical to any successful venture and the cornerstone of the work performed by human resource professionals. GASPA advances collaboration, effective communication, and trustworthiness as integral components of all partnerships, alliances and work arrangements of the organization and members.


GASPA interacts with other professionals and members with integrity, honesty and in a climate of trust. Decisions and recommendations will be made based on consideration of the best information available and without bias. GASPA members will strive to do interact in a professional manner that reflects favorably on the organization and is consistent with the organization’s core values.


GASPA will celebrate successes and embrace opportunities for growth. Members will be encouraged to promote creativity, collaboration, innovation and a commitment to the ongoing development of talent within the organization and individual school districts.


GASPA and individual members honor confidentiality requirements and will not disclose information to persons other than those who have a legitimate need-to-know unless bound to do so subject to appropriate legal mandates


GASPA is committed to providing professional, high quality, relevant advisement and support to member districts and employees.

Learning & Knowledge

GASPA provides and promotes opportunities for continuous learning to human resource practitioners, school district and higher education leaders, state agency officials and other parties with an interest in the K-12 education sector.

We value our members

GASPA recognizes that its members are the core of the Association and accordingly, strives to develop and communicate its membership value proposition.

Enjoy our work

GASPA acknowledges the importance of a positive quality of work life and seeks to ensure that work environments are supportive, engaging and productive.